35 better fashion brands from Finland

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has got us all struggling in different ways. The situation has a big effect especially on smaller businesses, which are losing attraction and customers due to the situation. When it comes to small fashion brands, the production and delivery of future collections is also unsure.

In times like these, people need to come together and help one another. In case you are looking for a specific fashion piece or just killing time in quarantine, instead of browsing the websites of big fashion chains, take a look at the collections of Finnish fashion brands who are working towards a more sustainable future, and support your local entrepreneurs.

We should, of course, focus on supporting smaller, sustainable fashion brands rather than big fast fashion chains no matter what situation the world is in; but today, it is even more important to do so to support the local community around you to get through these hard times.

We listed 35 fashion brands from Finland who are making efforts towards a more sustainable fashion industry, dividing them by style and category.

Wardrobe basics

  1. Vestiarium — classic wardrobe basics for everyday use, as for cocktail parties, €€
  2. FRENN Helsinki — wardrobe staples for men, €€
  3. Lille Clothing — classical models and harmonic colors, €-€€
  4. Voglia — simple models and wardrobe basics; also denim collection, €-€€
  5. Nosh — comfortable materials and simple models (also men and kids), €
  6. Pure Waste — basic t-shirts, long sleeves, colleges, and knits (also men and kids), €
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Nordic design

  1. Samuji — nordic design with neutral colors and loose-fitting models, €€€
  2. Arela — cashmere knitwear and cotton basics in loose-fitting nordic design, €€€
  3. Nomen Nescio — an all-black collection of minimalistic, unisex wardrobe staples, €€
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Simplicity with a twist

  1. Hálo — Feminine, flowy silhouettes with arctic Lapland inspired colors and prints, €€€
  2. Shy Vibes Club — simple and minimalistic models with a girly twist of pastel colors, €
  3. Mori Collective — simple models in velvet materials, €-€€
  4. TAUKO — simplicity with sculptural models, €€
  5. R/H — jersey basics with unique designs (also kids), €€
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Natural materials in harmonic colors

  1. Pura Finland — sustainable knitted clothes and accessories; flowy linen dresses and shirts (also unisex), €€
  2. Iluut — flowy dresses and shirts, basic t-shirts, €
  3. NestFactory — bohemian style and natural fabrics, €-€€
  4. TAWAST — simple, flowy models in organic cotton and linen, neutral colors, €€-€€€
  5. Niinmun Design — linen basics and chunky knits in neutral colors, €€
  6. Atelier Laleh — simple wardrobe basics in flowy linen material, €€-€€€
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  1. Uhana Design — colorful and abstract prints with floral themes, €€
  2. Aarre — flowy models in abstract prints (also kids and men), €
  3. Papu — abstract and monochromic prints with flowy models, also comfortable basics with simple colors (also kids), €€
  4. Ivana Helsinki — feminine models and art prints, wide selection in dresses, €€
  5. Vimma — abstract and colorful prints in jersey materials (also men and kids), €-€€
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Swimwear & Lingerie

  1. HallaxHalla — colorful swimwear with fun prints, €€
  2. Rumeur — simple swimwear and beachwear in harmonic colors, €€
  3. Asuyama — bikinis and one-pieces in fashionable models and simple colors, €€
  4. Tam-Silk — traditional and simple underwear for women and men, €
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  1. Aida Impact — a minimalistic, feminine collection of jewelry with pearls, stones, and tassels, €€
  2. Lovia — unique handbags from excess leather production, €€
  3. LIIA — minimalistic silver and wooden jewelry, €€
  4. Vai-Ko — beanies in multiple colors, €€
  5. ASK Scandinavia — functional bags and back bags in neutral colors, €€
  6. MOIMOI — Sustainable leather bags in traditional models, €€
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+ Sustainable fashion marketplaces

  1. Nudge — numerous sustainable clothing and lifestyle brands from Finland and the rest of the world, €-€€
  2. Weecos — a marketplace for numerous sustainable brands (most brands from Finland), €-€€
  3. Garmendo — a marketplace for sustainable workout and yoga wear (Finnish marketplace, but most brands are outside of Finland), €-€€
  4. Ivalo — a marketplace for sustainable clothing and accessories brands (some brands from Finland, mostly from Europe), €-€€

Thank you for reading it! We hope to make the world a better place by helping you make better fashion choices. Clap and subscribe to see the upcoming publications!

With love, Fashion Forward

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