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www.anthaberler.com“ is an initiative of SIA ANATTAX company. This news and publishing site was established as a free publishing and news sharing site for INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT JOURNALISTS. Our aim is to help individuals and individuals who want to publish national or international independent news or broadcasts to develop themselves in the field of journalism and news publishing and article writing. To provide assistance funding for independent journalists, article writers, news publishers who are in need or in distress when necessary. We are not an association. As a company, we are a company that puts social benefit more than most associations. Founded by international independent Journalist Mr. Serdar GOCMEN .

The main purpose for “ANTHABERLER”; As a global media brand, it is to provide news, content and services in all media and formats 24/7 in constant interaction with its readers and customers and add value to their lives.
The strategy of the company is to integrate it into the platform in every field of NEWS and ARTICLES by communicating with the reader, to provide customer-oriented service as a media organization that is constantly renewed and increases its market value; Developing special products for the reader; producing content with traditional brands; to follow the changes in technology closely; using creative methods to diversify and expand content distribution channels; preparing information and entertainment products and tools tailored to individuals; to diversify and increase the number of sales and distribution channels and to cooperate with the world’s leading media organizations.
The Board of Directors and management constantly monitor the status of “ANTHABERLER” against strategic targets. During the periodic and frequent management meetings, the status of news and articles is reviewed and new targets and strategies are developed.
The strategic goals set by the managers are put into practice with the approval of the Board of Directors. The degree of achievement of the determined goals, past performance are reported to the Board of Directors by the Chief Executive Officer.

Company Name: SIA “Anattax”
Legal form : Limited responsibility company (SIA)
Registration number, date: 15.06.2011
Register, Included in The Register: Commercial register, 15.06.2011
SEPA identifier: LV84ZZZ40103428214

Postal address: Dzirnavu iela 57A – 4, Rīga, LV-1010
E-mail: info@anthaberler.com

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