Austrian resort-virus hotspot to turn back on party tourism


The Ischgl alpine resort in Austria, which happened to become a hotspot for the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, has announced putting the strategy of a party resort behind as it reemerged from a lockdown.

Ischgl is located in West Tyrol, near the point where the borders of Austria, Italy and Switzerland meet and has described itself as the Ibiza of the Alps. It is now known that more than 800 cases spread across Austria can be traced back to the resort and the surrounding Paznaun Alpine valley.

In February and early March 2020, the virus found a breeding ground in crowded apres-ski bars. Hundreds of foreign tourists were infected in Ischgl and then unwittingly took the virus home with them.

«We will question developments of the past years and, where necessary, make corrections. That means more quality and less party tourism, prioritising skiers and fewer day-trippers on buses who only come to party,» Ischgl’s mayor, Werner Kurz, announced in a statement issued by the tourism authority for his town and the Paznaun Valley. The area on Thursday, April 22, came out of a lockdown.

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