Coffee Economy


03 June 2019

Coffee Economy

While a delicate herb, coffee searches for a certain climate in the places it goes, it also makes a certain compromise from its nature; It produces products of different scents and types in each region it is planted.
The type of coffee that can be described as good today is either Guatemalan coffee or a mixture of Brazilian and Javanese coffee. It is necessary to go to Arabia or Yemen to drink original Arabian coffee. The most ideal regions for growing these trees are tropical regions.
Currently, 52 countries export coffee worth 15 billion dollars a year.
Annual coffee consumption per capita in Europe is 5-6 kilograms and consumption increases to 11-12 kilograms in Scandinavian countries. In Turkey, consumption is 250 grams per person per year. In Italy, people, especially employees, have been found to spend 41 minutes a day drinking coffee.
instant coffee consumption per capita in Turkey, while 10-12-year cup, cup 175-200 in Europe, while around 1 cup of filtered coffee cup in Turkey is located at the 560-600 level in Europe.
So why are we based on “Coffee”? It’s not a holiday, it’s not a watch. Because Italy’s 82-year-old coffee company ILLY (ILLY) has its own business in 140 countries. ILLY believes that coffee has already described it and that adapting it to the market is a brand error.
“The product we offer is the same all over the world”. “If you don’t like our express, try our Cappuccino.” “I can only adapt so much to local tastes,” he says. “He underlines that his passion and mission are to make the best coffee in the world.” The company’s goal is to be active in all Asian Pacific countries based in the Singapore administration office, because ILLY’s strategy is to become global and to be where it wants to be the main goal. In Singapore, it is possible to find its products as packages or sacks indirectly.
Coffee consumption is increasing towards the income spent. Coffee consumption is much higher in developed countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 2012 revenue is “373.9 million EURO” (net income from sales 2.1%, 60% through exports). When we look at Turkey’s coffee exports in 2011 exports of 4 million 656 thousand dollars. The secret is; To revive the point of sale in terms of brand awareness. The brand or logo is “ILLY” in signboards, showcases, tables, cups and even machines. This provides a good advertisement.
Nobody wants to have a hard time or feel that they are being used. Therefore, “Passion”, “Enthusiasm,” Sensitivity “are indispensable for the brand. Complementary elements bring the Brand to life.
Starting with confident steps, progressing slowly, not trying to do too much early, provides a place in the market.

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