In Turkey Democracy and Law for who


The state of law is based on a series of values ​​as well as its basic features. The source of these values ​​is liberalism. In this context, the rule of law took place simultaneously with the development of liberalism within the historical course, emerging as a result of the constitutionalist movement within the liberal tradition.

World press freedom map of RSF … Red painted places show the countries where press freedom is at its worst.

Stating that if the press is not free, politics and the economy cannot be free, journalist-writer Serdar GOCMEN underlined that this also applies to the rule of law.

Journalism is not a crime. Journalism is a respected and honorable profession that serves the public’s right to news and information. Against the pressures of the AKP regime, against the arbitrary rule of ERDOĞAN, journalists stand up despite all the difficult conditions, they will continue to survive, even if they pay the price, they will not hesitate to enlighten the public.

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