E-energija starts building a wind farm in northwestern Lithuania

E-energija starts building a wind farm in northwestern Lithuania

E-energija is launching construction on a 70-megawatt (MW) wind farm in the northwestern Lithuanian district of Telsiai

The 13-turbine farm project will be developed by L-Vejas, a company of the energy group controlled by Lithuanian businessman Virginijus Strioga. 

Lithuania’s Baltic Engineers said it will handle the construction jointly with The Natural Power Consultants Limited, adding that it will be the Scottish company’s first construction management project in the Baltics.

“We have already implemented four wind farms, but this one stands out both in terms of its state-of-the-art technology and size,” Baltic Engineers CEO Darius Kvedaras said.

“For example, the total height of one turbine (with wings) will be about 220 meters. The size poses a challenge, both technologically and logistically,” he added. 

The farm will have General Electric’s new-generation 5-MW turbines that are among the most advanced and powerful in the onshore wind market.  

E-energija told the business daily Verslo Zinios in March that GE had expressed its interest in taking a stake of about 20 percent in the project, but it is not registered as a shareholder of L-Vejas.

According to information from the Center of Registers, Green Charge, a company owned by E-energija and New Energy Group, is the sole shareholder of L-Vejas.

New Energy Group is owned by two private individuals. 

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