17 August 2019


If we say “What is the World’s Most Risk-Free Money Making Method”, there is of course “education” in the top ten money-making list.
It is one of the easiest currency earning tools. So, can we get a share of this cake in our country? Otherwise, we prepare the cake and send it to other countries to eat!
Turkish students spend about $ 1.5 billion a year on education abroad. Education abroad has become a sector and education tourism all over the world. Ranks sending the most students in the top 5 countries in the ranking of Turkey abroad. Every year, we send nearly 90 thousand students abroad for education, 35 thousand of which are students who go to language education. England, USA, Malta, Canada, Australia, Almaya, France and Italy follow England respectively.
Overseas education sector is becoming a globalizing sector, and it provides a significant amount of income from students attracted to their countries through the education abroad.
In addition, according to 2011 OECD data, a total of 4.3 million students worldwide benefit this sector over $ 100 billion each year.
The USA, which hosts the most students in its country for education, earns 20 billion dollars. NASA’s one-year budget is $ 19 billion, meaning students from abroad leave the US vault more than NASA’s one-year budget. For this reason, other countries are also turning to more promotion to attract students.
While there are about 12 thousand undergraduate and graduate students going to the USA annually, there are also many language schools and other programs. In the UK, around 30 thousand Turkish students study undergraduate, graduate and language. This number is around 10 thousand in Germany, around 1000 in Russia and China.
About one third of Turkish students go abroad for university education. The amount paid by a student studying abroad to the university is 10 thousand dollars on average. Total annual costs can reach 20 thousand dollars. Considering that there are 30 thousand students for the university, approximately 600 million dollars are spent for university education abroad. The average of the remaining 70 thousand students is over 10 thousand dollars per year. In short, Turkish students spend about $ 1.5 billion a year on education abroad.
Foreign education in the world has turned into a sector, education tourism. The demand for overseas education is growing rapidly globally. The number of students studying abroad, which was 3.5 million in 2009, is expected to increase to 8 million in 2020, according to UNESCO reports. This means a 100 percent growth over a 10-year period. As a country, we have to make our preparations for 2020. We are one of the countries closest to getting a share from this rising sector. I think we can get a big share with a little more promotion!

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