Financial Times wrote about Mansur Yavas: Erdogan’s new ‘headache’

Financial Times wrote Mansur Yavas: Erdogan’s new ‘headache’

The Financial Times wrote the campaign launched by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas with the slogan ‘Goodness is contagious’ for low-income families affected by the epidemic. In the article published under the heading ‘Opposition mayors have left Erdogan in the shadows with goodness campaigns’, the expression ‘headache of President Tayyip Erdogan’ was used for Yavaş.

In the mentioned article, aid campaigns initiated by Yavaş and aimed at alleviating the effects of coronavirus on the poor part of the city were explained, since the donations collected by the CHP municipalities were stopped due to illegal use. It is stated that this kindness initiative explained the support that Yavaş has received in the past year since Erdogan’s ruling party took the city.

It was stated that the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş was looking for ways to show that he could rival Erdogan’s service and welfare support.

The views of Seren Selvin Korkmaz, the director of Istanbul-based think tank IstanPol, were also included in the article: “With these efforts at the local level, they are challenging ‘the CHP cannot rule the country’, which is the main message of the ruling party. If the local governments of the CHP are successful, this means a big threat to Erdogan. ”

In the article, which defined the CHP win in the local elections last year as a “political earthquake”, it was stated that according to Metropoll’s survey, during the epidemic period, Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul and Metropolitan Municipality, was on the rise.


In the article, which stated that Yavaş was a surprise star from the opposition, 65 percent of the respondents, including half of the AKP voters, found that the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality’s struggle against the virus crisis was successful.

Financial Times stated that after the collection of donations by the municipalities was stopped by Erdogan as illegal, 28 million lira was collected in the campaign launched by Yavas except the closing of market debts.

It was reminded that the ban on fundraising was not the first obstacle since Yavaş sat in the seat of the mayor, and that the municipality’s administration was taken over by the great debt, the city council, which was under the control of Erdogan’s party, prevented the proposals of the city council and the pro-government media tried to create a perception without corruption.

It was stated that Yavaş, who refused the interview request of the newspaper, preferred not to draw attention, as opposed to Imamoğlu, who often argues with Erdoğan.

It was pointed out that this success of Yavaş brought with the president one day in the national elections and it was stated that analysts did not see this as possible, especially because the Kurds would have difficulty in voting for a Turkish nationalist.

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