For Lithuanian Goverments best option is to allow returnees from abroad to move within one km from place of self-isolation

People/individuals who are required to self-isolate after returning to Lithuania from abroad. They will be allowed to move within one kilometer from their place of isolation.

Also individuals who must self-isolate when they return back from abroad should be able to leave their place of isolation to go for a walk, for example, and walk a certain distance. Not more than 1 kilometer.

I think they should forbidden to go to crowded places (stores, restaurants and cafes, etc.)

My opinion for returnees from abroad would no longer be tested for COVID-19.

Recently, all returnees were tested for the coronavirus and had to use transport provided by municipalities. 

The Health Ministry of Lithuania earlier on Monday published a list of 27 countries. People whose citizens and other foreign travelers or returnees are allowed to enter Lithuania. Also arrivals from 24 of these countries won’t be required to self-isolate for two weeks.

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