Great Runs in Vilnius, Lithuania

As the capital and largest city of Lithuania, Vilnius is one of the most significant cultural, economic, and historical centers in the Baltic States. Located at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnia rivers in the southeast part of the country, this city of 500,000 people features a large, in-tact medieval Old Town with touches of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical architecture. And while Vilnius has plenty of modern details (including great sidewalks), almost half of the city is preserved in parks and nature reserves. This layout has created numerous opportunities for pleasant running in Vilnius, ranging from tours of the historic town to riverfront paths and multiple parks.

‘Runseeing’ Old Town Vilnius

Vingis Park

Neris River

Kalnu and Bernadine Parks

Verkiai Regional Park

Pavilniu Regional Park

Other Parks North of Vilnius


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