Greece’s closure is huge blow to businesses – Lithuania tourism body

Greece’s closure is huge blow to businesses – Lithuania tourism body

As Lithuania expands its quarantine list of countries and puts Greece on it, the head of the Lithuanian Tourism Association says the move is a huge blow to tourism agencies as Greece now is one of the key travel destination in Lithuania.

“Following the pandemic, Greek islands have been probably the only destination tour operators organized trips to. The closure of this destination is a huge blow to the tourism sector’s businesses,” Milda Plepyte-Rainiene told BNS.

Arrivals from Ireland, Denmark, Greece, the UK and Nepal are required to self-isolate for two weeks as of Tuesday. The countries were added to the list of coronavirus-affected countries only on Monday night.

Last week, the Tourism Association asked the Lithuanian government to allow trips to safe autonomous European regions and to consider countries’ safe islands separately, but Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga says islands have not been separated on the list as the country has so far failed to agree on that with Latvia and Estonia.

Plepyte-Rainiene says the separation of safe islands would be important to ensure operation of tourism companies. She also has doubts on the three Baltic states’ agreement as they now also allow trips to different countries.

Source: BalticTimes

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