25 Dec. 2019


This attack in Baghdad will undoubtedly serve its plans in the region, which will benefit most.
Israel eventually confronted Iran and America.
Abd gave the message I will kill the person I want here and where I want …
On the other hand, even the fact that Trump gave orders in this case reveals that this operation is an election investment.
The strategy of achieving the goals of benefiting from chaos has been the last move for today.
Iran’s moves will determine the situation.
Here is the reason for those who wondered why the Libyan bill was brought forward.
once again, we see clearly that our country is an indispensable country. Accordingly, fig, globule is indispensable for America for now. Although we do not like Iran, we cannot afford the mixing of the ratio and a new wave of migration. Turkey’s (our government) needs to make progress with wise moves.
Another point is that we can call this a situation that we have been accustomed to before the USA election for years. Because the USA is always bombing a place in the Middle East before the elections or showing a target by killing or killing a leader of the terrorist organizations they have established, they have attracted the attention of the public game in the country and invested in the elections. It has now become a scenario in classic US methods.
Ignorant, poor, poorly tailored scenarios are the most appropriate scenarios, discussions and quarrels involving sectarian conflicts and separatism. Celebrating the November SÜLEYMANİ, now killed in Iraq, the Iraqi people will continue to play with fire and become tongs. These events will allow the event to proceed exactly as the USA and other supporters wish.
Finally, it is worth remembering. In 2001, the former commander of NATO, Gen. In the Clark interview, I convey what he said exactly,
“We will destroy 7 countries. Starting with Iraq, we will end with Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.
So is there any deviation from that time to the content of this conversation?
Therefore, it is the unity of our country and our nation is peace in Turkey and edit needs to be done militarily backward economic and social programs.

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