In Japan, Suleyman KACAR is a symbol of perseverance and success !

Suleyman KACAR is a symbol of perseverance and success !

In Japan, Suleyman KACAR is a symbol of perseverance and success !

Suleyman KACAR was born in 1972. 25 years ago, he went to the “Bereket” doner factory to have a profession but they said that there is no need for a worker. He was very sorry about this situation and can never forget. It made a decision. He would work himself and make a difference by working non-stop, day and night. And the journey started like this. He tried many different tastes to improve his work and knowledge. He worked on Kebab and TURKISH KEBAP in many countries. He reached the nirvana of his job in as short as 6 months, and for him the second apprenticeship phase of his life is over. Now he is a servant of his work and delicious food. With its unique style, taste and flavor, TURKISH KEBAP has become fans and permanent customers who love its taste and taste. His fame had spread to many countries. He opened a place for his brothers in south Africa. Because now one had to meet the demands of other countries who wanted to taste this taste more. Therefore, it could offer this taste and taste to other countries and fans. Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa etc. .

The last stop for him was Japan. Now his perspective on life had changed. It became indispensable in Japan with his own style. And he had a single philosophy; work hard for your own business, do your job very clean and beautiful and most importantly be honest. The appreciation of the service is from GOD first. Then one of our respected customers.

Also this video is a real proof of Mr. Suleyman’s TURKISH KEBAB awesome taste! He makes a devotion himself to this service for 25 years .

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