Lithuania and Tourism

Lithuania is a small Baltic country that makes all tourists fall in love with it because of the beautiful baroque architecture, fascinating combination of modern city life and gorgeous nature, a bunch of national parks, vibrant sand dunes, and small cobbled towns. Lithuania tourism is perfect for everyone who loves hospitable people, tasty food, and beautiful nature.

The first city to visit is Vilnius, one of the most popular Lithuania tourist attractions. Being one of the largest and prettiest European cities with a remarkable history, Vilnius still features a bunch of fashionable boutiques, modern hotels, and bars, making the nightlife vivid and surprisingly interesting. The city is also considered to be a great contemporary art center. For many people, tourism in Lithuania is associated with breathtaking views.

Lithuania will seek to promote its attractiveness for tourists in several markets, including Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Japan and China.

According to the Central Procurement Portal, the agency signed contracts with Milan-registered Aigo (257,100 euros, ex-VAT), Travel Link Market of Beijing (100,000 euros) and Aviareps Tourism of Munich (nearly 300,000 euros) in spring.

Foreign partners will study the tourism market and organize events to promote tourism opportunities in Lithuania, such as contact fairs, business missions and exhibitions.

Incoming tourist flow in Lithuania might shrink by 40 percent and the flow of domestic tourist might contract by 25 percent this year, which would translate into the loss of approximately 0.5 billion euros in revenue for the country’s tourism sector.

Tourism Revenues in Lithuania decreased to 223.80 EUR Million in the fourth quarter of 2019 from 330.60 EUR Million in the third quarter of 2019.

Lithuania Tourist Arrivals

Tourist Arrivals in Lithuania decreased to 384.50 Thousand in the fourth quarter of 2019 from 666.50 Thousand in the third quarter of 2019.

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