Online spending grew most in Estonia in spring, summer – Baltic survey

Online spending grew most in Estonia in spring, summer – Baltic survey

Oline spending by internet users in Estonia increased more during the coronavirus related restrictions in the spring and early summer of this year than it did in Latvia or Lithuania, it appears from a survey of e-commerce conducted by online pollster Gemius.

According to the findings of the survey conducted in the three countries from February to June 2020, 34 percent of the internet users questioned in Estonia said that the amount of money that they spend on online purchases has increased, versus 25 percent in Latvia and 22 percent in Lithuania. 

Slightly over half of respondents in Estonia, 55 percent, said that their online spending has not changed, while 11 percent said that the amount of money they spend on online purchases has decreased.

Meanwhile, of Lithuanian respondents 37 percent and of Latvian respondents 25 percent said that their spending on online shopping has decreased.

The most popular online shopping environments are the same in all the three countries, the difference being that occupies the first place in Latvia and Lithuania and in Estonia.

Also the purchases that internet users in the three countries make most often online are the same, with garments taking the first place in all the three countries.  Reservation and rental services were in second place for internet users in Latvia and Lithuania with 34 percent and 28 percent, respectively. In Estonia, airline tickets were the second most popular item, named by  31 percent of respondents.  

In all three countries tickets to public events made the top three of the items bought most often at online stores of their own country. In Lithuania and Latvia, the number one spot in that category was occupied by tickets to public events, whereas in Estonia the top spot belonged to insurance. 

The survey is based on responses garnered by means of an internet popup window poll conducted among a random sample of users of the most popular online portals in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The survey was conducted in two stages in Latvia and Lithuania, by interviewing 2,813 respondents of ages 18-74 in February and 1,769 respondent in April in Latvia, and 3,805 respondents of ages 15-74 in February and 2,192 in April in Lithuania. In Estonia the poll was taken by interviewing 1,174 internet users from May 15 to June 17. 

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