Poland’s biggest national park hit by wildfire

Poland’s biggest national park hit by wildfire

In north-eastern Poland, the Biebrza National Park is suffering in a large wildfire that has ravaged around 6 000 hectares of it. On Earth Day, over 120 firefighters were involved in fighting the flames.

Biebrza comprises 59,000 hectares of wetlands, wildlife such as moose, beavers, and unique species of birds, and hiking trails.

Polish Environment Minister Michał Woś commented that the fire, which broke out on Sunday, April 19, was likely caused by illegal burning dead grass.

«Fires in the Biebrza National Park break out every year, but such a large one has not been there for years. The situation is very serious,» Polish Environment Minister stated.

«The wind and the unique drought this year make it very difficult to put out the fire,»

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