Praise from Bosnia and Herzegovina!

President of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, Bosnia and Herzegovina President of the Union of Municipalities and Mayor of Sarajevo Center met through telelonferans with Ivan Vukadin. At the meeting, experiences in the Corona Virus (COVID-19) process were shared.

It has become a global epidemic in a short time and has become a global epidemic, while the national and regional measures have been increasing day by day, while adapting to the internet environment in meetings between countries. In this context, President of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, President of the Association Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo Center municipality and met via teleconference with Mayor Ivan Vukadin. At the meeting, the president Vukadin example of the pandemic, noting that the process of Turkey’s population provides a good coordination between the central government and local governments with very high despite being told secretion performs a struggle. President Şahin, on the other hand, in the success against the pandemic as a country; Especially studies under the roof of health; He said that strong leadership, institutional coordination and finally aid campaigns are effective.

Speaking at the teleconference, President Fatma Şahin is facing a global problem. 50 million people lost their lives in the epidemic in Spain 100 years ago. After a century, a global problem arose with Corona Virus in the world. We also have a national struggle. The leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is very important in this national struggle. Because leadership in crisis management benefits to see possible problems. Taking quick measures also provides an important advantage in this process. When the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, we formed the scientific board. At the point we reached, we differed positively compared to many countries. We see that we are very good in Europe and the West, both in the number of cases and the number of deaths. Institutional capacity created in healthcare is another important issue that leads us to success during the epidemic process. When we embarked on a journey to serve the nation 18 years ago under the leadership of President Erdoğan; We said, “let people live so that the state lives”. We continued our policy by adding two important criteria such as education and health, and adding them over the years. Thanks to this transformation that we started 18 years ago, we witness how important our work was during the epidemic. The city hospitals we opened, the increase in the number of intensive care units facilitated the service for the citizens during the treatment process, and enabled us to take preventive and preventive measures in a short time. In short, our investment in health has become our greatest strength today. Of course, delivering all these healthcare facilities to the citizens free of charge also proved how strong the health pillar was in the social state approach. In addition, in the strong coordination between local governments and central government, it gave us the chance to make quick decisions and subsequently implement measures in place. On the other hand, social assistance and solidarity titles are among the important factors in the epidemic process. The return of the “Touch the heart, win heart” campaign launched by President Erdoğan on a national scale has been very strong. In this way, a great trust and solidarity infrastructure was created between the people and the state between the people and the government, both locally and locally.


The President of Union of Municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mayor of Central Sarajevo, Ivan Vukadin, emphasized that sharing experience is very important in the pandemic process and stated that there is no difficulty in implementing the social distance rule and there is no significant increase in the number of cases due to the low population density in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vukadin said, “We continue to take important measures. We easily solve our troubles. However, our financial means are limited. Because no one expected such a pandemic. Now an ambiguous situation about the future is how the economy in question will progress. Our country is not a very strong country in economic context. The economic part of the epidemic that makes us think right now. ”

Vukadin, transferring the serious effects of the pandemic in countries where the population is dense, said: Although Turkey is really a high population demonstrated great success in the epidemic process. Besides, in order to prevent its citizens from being victimized within the scope of economic measures; provides deferment and economic support. These are really important works. I would also like to mention this. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the decisions between central government and local governments work very hard. In contrast to Turkey’s decision-making distress that we are living works very fast. “

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