Print on demand company Printify has an ambition to become a USD 1 billion startup, the company’s founder Janis Berdigans said during the opening of the new Printify building

Printify wishes to become the largest company in the industry, Berdigans told LETA. He declined to reveal the amount of investments the company was planning to secure, adding that the company would continue to attract investors on a regular basis.

Today, September 11, Printify marks five years in the business, said Berdigans, adding that the company’s business volumes would continue to grow.

“At the moment, we are a stable company, a profitable enterprise, therefore we do not need major investments,” explained Berdigans.

At the moment, Printify employs 220 people, and is planning to hire another eighty to ninety new specialists by the end of the year – half from abroad and the other half from Latvia, Berdigans revealed.

Printify currently operates on the U.S. market, but is also gradually expanding in Europe, and at the moment the company has found its first cooperation partners in Latvia. In the future, Printify will operate across the entire Europe, and also on the Canadian and Australian markets.

According to, Printify Development posted EUR 3.106 mln in turnover last year, almost a threefold increase on 2018, while the company’s profit increased 2.3 times to EUR 249,804.

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