State Education Content Centre’s head promises exams to be shorter, not easier


It is expected centralized exams in Latvia will be shorter but not easier this year, said State Education Content Centre (VISC) head Guntars Catlaks

According to Catlaks, because of the fight against COVID-19 pandemic this year’s exams will not be «the same as every school year’s exams». This means they will be shortened and reduced in content.

At the same time, the official stresses the ‘bar will not be lowered’ so that fewer number of questions does not prevent an objective assessment of children’s knowledge.

Catlaks says because of the state of emergency student enrolment in universities will be extended and processes will be changed based on the situation. On top of that, changes are expected across Europe.

Catlaks had previously said 12th grade graduates will be able to settle only three compulsory centralized exams. Exams of choice will not be compulsory this year.

He said 12th graders’ exam session is planned to take place between 2 June and 7 July. Children unable to settle exams within this period of time will be given and extension from 9th July to 30th July.

To acquire certificate of general secondary education, schoolchildren have to pass three compulsory exams: chosen foreign language exam, Latvian language exam and mathematics exam. The fourth exam of choice will not be compulsory this year. If a child wants to pass it and if it is necessary to enroll for studies in a university, it will be allowed to undergo one or several optional exams, Catlaks explains.

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