The effect of e-commerce on the in industrial areas

E-commerce and INDUSTRIAL EXPERT ADEM GEZER, E-Commerce, which has been on the rise with strategic changes, consumer trends and technological developments in the changing world conditions, and food, health, etc. He evaluated the issues such as the changes of the industrial fields in the commercial field together with Covid-19.

In the new era, E-Commerce is a very useful system for both companies and customers. While consumers reach the products they want in this field at a more affordable price, it is preferred for companies because it reduces the cost a little more. Shopping habits will change with Covid-19, people will want products in a more controlled, faster and more hygienic way, which will increase the market volume. It should not be forgotten that the stronger the SMEs, the stronger they will be in our country. Therefore, I wish that our domestic products can sell their products in the international arena with a click.

Stating that E-Commerce is a channel where people can breathe during the pandemic period, Adem GEZER said; “Younger generations will also make good use of this channel. E-Commerce has grown unexpectedly quickly. In fact, E-Commerce is a growing area with SMEs. Of course, there must be production power behind it, because it is important to be able to produce. When we look at the industry and e-commerce platform, 95 percent of sales people are SMEs. We have to look at the event as if the turnover of e-commerce increases with the contribution of the industry, it means that the turnover of SMEs is increasing. Our industrial production SMEs, who started e-commerce, send their products to domestic consumers, they are developing themselves, and then they are expanding abroad. Therefore, SMEs must be involved in the e-commerce process for their companies’ future. In the upcoming period, it seems that consumers will meet their needs not only in the goods but also in other areas on the internet.

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