The robberies of AKP followers continue

🚨 Activity reports denied Fahrettin Altun, who said “My wife does not receive any fees from THY”.

Fahrettin Altun, My wife only receives a salary from Marmara University. After claiming that THY does not receive any fees for his board membership, it was revealed in the annual report of the board of directors that Fatmanur Altun was paid.

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel, drew attention to the unlimited rights granted to them by Borsa İstanbul A.Ş board of directors, 10 percent of which were sold to Qatarians last week, and stated that Fahrettin Altun and his wife received “five salaries”. Altun denied these allegations with a message he published.

It was stated that payments were made to executive and board members, including Fatmanur Altun, in the ‘Financial Rights’ section of the board of directors annual report for the period between January 1 and December 31. In the report, it was stated that the said members were paid bonuses instead of attendance fees, and the total fee was 25 million 224 thousand 200 TL.

📍Altun said in a statement about his wife Fatmanur Altun’s salary, “My wife also only receives a fee from Marmara University. She does not take any dare from being a member of the Turkish Airlines Board of Directors. She declared this months ago, but they continued to lie again. and the discrediting campaign, which is brought to life with new lies almost every month, will not be able to keep us from our way. We embarked on this path, this case. Even if these lies touch our blood, they whip us up.

The article for pricing in the report is as follows:

“The members of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors are paid on a net wage. Bonuses are paid, but no attendance fee is given. In addition, a gross bonus is paid every three months in the amount of their monthly net fees. A.Ş., the total amount of financial benefits, including the remuneration and bonuses paid to the members of the Board of Directors, General Manager and Assistant General Managers, was TL 25,224,200. “

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