The US’s Golden Deficit


12 Jan. 2020

The US’s Golden Deficit

Fort Knox was under the Eisenhower administration in 1954 when it was last audited, however,
Only five percent of gold was tested for purity. This is the reality of gold
caused numerous doubts about him.
Neither the president nor the senate knows how much gold the US has. Official gold reserves
The last visit to Fort Knox, where he is located, was in August 2017 and the U.S. Treasury Secretary
A few politicians could enter with. The last visit before was made in 1974!
The United States Mint, despite the numerous applications, how much gold in Fort Knox
he refused to announce his detention. Presidential candidate Ron Paul supervised Fort Knox in 2008
Called for but failed.
So how much gold does our central bank have in real and how much gold do we have in BULYON banks?
How is our trust and audit status?
In the historical process, the other state falling into the US gold and financial trap is FRANCE.
Two weeks after the invasion of Poland, the Germans still could not find their gold reserves.
Because the Poles managed to send their $ 2.5 billion worth of gold to France.
Since Europe was not safe, the French sent this gold to North Africa, then to Senegal.
The Americans got involved and said that Senegal is not a safe place.
They ensured that they were sent to America with French reserves.
The gold kidnapped from the Germans occupying Europe thanks to the US oil and machinery goes to the USA!
After the U.S. made every aid to Hitler’s attack, President Roosevelt in 1941 Lend-Lease (Public Law 77-11)
removed the wand to lease combat vehicles.
Huge debt was written to allied countries, primarily the UK with $ 31 billion and Russia with $ 11.5 billion.
The United States was slowly preparing the way for the Bretton-Woods conference in 1944: the gold reserve in hand
it would print dollars and make the US dollar the unrivaled currency of international trade.
Countries that won as much as those who were defeated in the war would yield to the USA.
He broke out of the second world war, in which 85 million people died, and earned dollars. The emission volume of the dollar,
The power that controls the gold equivalent, energy and weapon markets has given the world a new shape. 1971 Nixon,
The same can be said for the 1980 Reagan-Thatcher and 2008 financial crisis moves.
Isn’t this historical documented situation so familiar? Current economic and global developing process
When it is analyzed, a war of change and power balance makes itself felt again.
We will not be the winner. It is clear that being a party will be of no use.
Therefore, the only way to defeat the USA in the financial mindset is focused on the value of money.
should stay away from investment as much as possible. It should not be forgotten that energy, logistics and production power are tools, not goals.
This tool should lead us to invest in precious metals and raw materials.

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