Countless people fled Ukraine as the Russian occupation continued

Thousands of Ukrainian people, including young children, are walking for hours to reach the border of neighbouring Poland, as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine. The ANTNEWS Reporter Mr. AZIZ is in UKRAINE BORDER. And tells us how the refugees are being received. 

A lot of people are suffering at the borders right now. There must be an emergency quick access solution!


4 days waiting in there ,

There is also, racism Ukrainian get preferential treatment in lines and quick processing + food and water

To reach Shehyni, Lviv Oblast’s point, it took my 24 hours of walking and 15000 ₴ for taxi from Kyiv.

As train were overbooked

Once I reached the treatment was terrible, the Gard said to his colleagues look at this Mexican talking to me in English.

Then they forced us to set on the cold asphalt for hours as punishment.

I was just beaten by an officer for filming a gentleman being beaten for the second time.

Process here takes another 3 to 4 days to process on person to reach the 15-day visa.

Ukrainian border
Ukrainan Border
Ukrainian Border
People waiting for pass to POLISH Border

Reported by Mr. Abdulaziz Zuhdi MAHASEN from Ukrainian Polish Border

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