Vision we don’t have!


28 Feb. 2020

Vision we don’t have!

Developments in the globalization process lead the “Information Age” organizations to create more future than their material assets. No matter how much the country has underground resources, if it does not have the knowledge to market and market, it cannot enrich and increase the level of welfare. Countries that do not have knowledge cannot be saved from the yoke of countries with knowledge and technology superiority.
Due to globalization, the world has become a small village. It only takes a few seconds to access information and to be aware of events occurring on the other side of the world. Apart from that, events occurring in the farthest end of the world now affect us more than ever before. The State, Business or Individuals who want to be successful in today’s conditions should perceive and adapt this change well. Getting new information faster and managing it better than competitors will make the business one step ahead of its competitors. It is very important that the service is provided without errors. Enterprises that have access to the correct information more quickly and have sufficient automation systems can outperform their competitors by offering cheaper, faster, error-free, satisfying and preferred service with their advantages.
Countries with modern information systems were able to access correct information more easily, thus taking the necessary measures in a timely manner and were less affected by negativities.
It can be provided by organizations having knowledge and managing information in order to survive in global competition conditions.

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