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“YEKDEM is the Support Mechanism for Renewable Energy Plants,” said İslim Arıkan, EMO Gaziantep Branch Chairman. Chamber of Electrical Engineers Gaziantep Branch made a press release on “YEKDEM supports”. The statement made the following statements: “The state; Solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass powered power plants provide the manufacturers who fall within the scope of YEKDEM, to obtain the electricity they will produce at a certain price for 10 years. These incentives were given in order to turn to edible energy. YEKDEM was launched in 2011. At that time, the normal prices were based on the return time of the investment and the exchange rate. The purchase price figures were as follows: Solar: $ 13.3-cent / kWh Biomass: $ 13.3-cent / kWh

Geothermal: $ 10.5-cent / kWh

Wind: $ 7.3-cent / kWh

Hydroelectric: $ 7.3-cent / kWh

The purchase guarantee application for a period of 10 years will be valid for the power plants that will be operational until 31 December 2020. Expired will return to market price. YEKDEM will continue after 2020, but the incentive prices are said to be lower than the current prices.

As is known, electricity unit price in industry subscribers


Final Source Supply Tariff = (Market Clearing Price + Renewable Energy Cost) x (Other Costs + Reasonable Profit Margin).

In April; including energy unit price and funds, excluding VAT.

1 kWh electricity 0,60TL in residential buildings

Commercial 1kWh electricity 0,97 TL

Industry (including YEKDEM) 0.54 TL

as reflected on the invoices.

As it is seen, commercial and residential electricity unit prices are much more expensive than industrialists’ prices, including YEKDEM. If these renewable production investments were not made, we think that the prices in the industry would not be different than today, since the energy we would import from abroad would increase.

In fact, after the purchase guaranteed periods have expired, perhaps YEKDEM prices will decrease very much.

In the pandemic process, when the export decreased, the production in the industry decreased and the electricity consumption decreased. Meanwhile, renewable energy sources power plants (GES, RES, JES, HES) continued to operate.

In normal times, if the industrial electricity consumption is 1000 units, the total YEKDEM was divided into 1000. When the consumption decreased, the price of YEKDEM per unit kwh increased.

The thought of production in the industry and the price of YEKDEM also increased in April. April invoice was higher than previous months. Our industrialist is rightly complaining about this because of the electricity bills.

These price increases show us how effectively and efficiently we should use energy. As EMO, we are ready to contribute in this regard, as we have mentioned before.

We also recommend expanding rooftop GES.

Considering the factors such as construction times, costs, operating expenses, foreign exchange expenses, reliability, and environmental emissions, we should strive to supply all of our energy from renewable energy, like all developed world countries.

With the end of the pandemic, the incentive periods of the first stage power plants ending and entering the normal process, we hope that the YEKDEM costs on the invoice will decrease immediately.

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